The Holy City's Most Authentic and Detailed Tours The Holy City's Most Authentic and Detailed Tours


Walks In History, LLC operates ninety minute to two hour walks through one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States. Descriptions of walks and prices can be found at or Geordie Buxton, a licensed City of Charleston guide and native author of five local bestselling books, leads unique walks through the national historic landmark areas of the French Quarter and Marion Square in Charleston. Arcadia Press published Geordie’s Haunted Charleston in 2004, a local bestseller that has frequented local storefront windows and the Market Streets ever since. Geordie has been conducting walks based on his supernatural and historical research for nearly fifteen years.

Born at a hospital on Calhoun Street and raised on James Island, Geordie served in a variety of positions before he became a City of Charleston guide. At age nineteen, he was hired as an aerial photographer for the North Dakota Farm Bureau (now known as ASCS) aboard a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. He was the photograph editor of Hampden-Sydney college’s literary magazine and was a regular staff contributor for the college newspaper. Geordie worked for the Albuquerque Journal and Albuquerque Tribune newspapers for four years after graduating from college, and he also was a marketing director for Trans-Lux Southwest movie theaters based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Geordie returned to South Carolina in 2001 to shoot video in the local film industry; his projects included a Veteran’s Day commercial aboard the USS Yorktown, the Walterboro, SC-based feature film Radio, a food commercial directed by Jordan Brady, and high-profile interviews with the descendants of the 1860s USS Hunley submarine crew. Geordie directed the South Carolina Independent Film Festival in 2004.

Currently, Geordie instructs English and Journalism classes at two downtown Charleston colleges. For more information about Walks In History’s walks, please visit the Tickets tab.